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Looking for Inspiration? 20 Places to Find Your Style

Looking for inspiration for your new project? Trying to define and articulate your style? I've collected a list of my favorite resources for design inspiration.

  1. Dribbble: A popular platform for designers to showcase their work, featuring a diverse range of design projects, including web design, UI/UX, and illustrations.

  2. Awwwards: Recognizes and celebrates the best web design trends and innovations, featuring an extensive collection of award-winning websites that push the boundaries of design.

  3. Behance: An online platform for creative professionals to showcase their work, including web design, graphic design, photography, and more, offering a wide range of inspirational projects.

  4. SiteInspire: Curates a collection of visually stunning websites, organized by categories such as industry, style, and type, providing a source of inspiration for various design projects.

  5. CSS Design Awards: Highlights the most outstanding and creative website designs, showcasing the innovative use of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

  6. Muzli: A browser extension that offers curated design inspiration directly in your browser's new tab page, featuring a mix of web design, UI/UX, and creative projects.

  7. Typewolf: Focuses on typography-driven web design, offering curated examples of websites with exceptional typography choices and pairings.

  8. One Page Love: Showcases a collection of beautifully designed single-page websites, providing inspiration for creating impactful and concise web experiences.

  9. The Best Designs: Features a handpicked selection of exceptional web designs across various industries, with a focus on aesthetic appeal and user experience.

  10. Designspiration: A design-focused platform that provides inspiration across various design disciplines, including web design, graphic design, typography, and more.

  11. Webdesign Inspiration: Curates a wide range of web design examples, showcasing the latest trends, innovative layouts, and creative use of visuals.

  12. Lapa Ninja: Offers a collection of landing page designs from various industries, providing inspiration for creating effective and conversion-focused web pages.

  13. Pttrns: Focuses on mobile app design inspiration, showcasing patterns and UI elements from popular apps across different platforms.

  14. UX Design Collective: Features articles, case studies, and design showcases focusing on user experience (UX) design, providing inspiration and insights for creating intuitive and user-centered websites.

  15. Land-book: Presents a curated collection of landing page designs, featuring visually appealing and effective layouts for different industries and purposes.

  16. CalltoIdea: Showcases a collection of interactive and engaging website designs, demonstrating the power of animation, micro-interactions, and user engagement.

  17. CSS Nectar: Curates a collection of websites with outstanding CSS design, highlighting creativity, interactivity, and visual appeal.

  18. Hover States: Features a collection of websites with impressive hover effects, showcasing the creative use of animations and transitions on interactive elements.

  19. Really Good Emails: Offers a collection of well-designed and visually appealing email templates, providing inspiration for email marketing and newsletter designs.

  20. Design Shack: Provides design inspiration, articles, and resources across various design disciplines, including web design, graphic design, and UI/UX.

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